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Please make sure the information you provide is as accurate as possible. Our process is much different from other email marketing companies. We are soley based on you building your email database.

Our designs are interactive that allow viewers to link to various parts of the web. Viewers will be able to find your website, social networks, emails and even call you directly through your eblast from their mobile device.

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A deposit of $17.50 is required after completing this form.

The total size for you file upload must 5MB when using the form if there is not enough room for your information, upload it as a PDF file. A PDF file will ensure that the information you sent is accurate and will not be changes unless authorized by you.

We will send instructions on how to use your eblast in your email and social media. If you would like us to send your eblast to your contacts, there is a fee of $15 for this service to send out your information 2weeks prior to the event. $20 one month before the event, however we strongly suggest contact support to be advised before we send your eblast.