Welcome to Frigate Mail / Eblast Management, we specialize in helping you to send the right message to your viewers. Frigate is the Email Marketing division of Alpha Illustrations who design and build websites along with logos. This service of marketing was exclusive to only Alpha Illustartions clients, however we are giving non-clients an opportunity to have Quality Eblast Designs for their business or event.

Many of you have tried other Email Marketing businesses to find that they have limitations, and their limits ... can limit your business growth. It doesn't matter how long you been in business a good visual email marketing tool will not only make viewers curious but become come clients.

If you have your own web hosting this will work out great your business will be able to reach viewers on the internet that a standard html website is not able to reach. How? We do more than design, we make sure your SEO score on at least 90% and above which will allow your Eblast to be seen online to viewers other than those who get your eblast through email and social networks.

If you don't have web hosting we can provide web hosting for you along with a free domain.



Our standard price for a 700 X 900 pixel landscape or portrait layout design is $35.00

If you don't have web hosting ( web space where your domain, website, emails, images, and blogs occupy ) we can provide one for you.

Web hosting with free domain $35.40 for one year with a setup fee of $25.00. Total cost $60.40. You will only have to pay $35.40 after the first year. Website building tools, umlimited web space and banwidth along with several blogging software is also included. This is only a year to year plan we do have other plans, see Alpha Illustrations www.alphaillustrations.com for more information.

The $35.00 price might increase if your layout is over 900 x 900 pixels which is the max for height and width.

If you would like us to host your business name a fee of $10 must be added to create a sub-domain. An additional $10 every year must be paid to keep the account active. All events will be saved and protected in Embed -ed Media if you choose to use them again.



Frigate Mail has prepared a few examples of what your Eblast might look like however there is no standard layout or design. We will try to fashion your eblast to how you would like it to appear. None of these are active samples but they should give you some idea in what type of design you want for your business.



The following are active of have been used in the past, these are just a selective few from clients.The following are not responsive, they are to give you the general idea of what were the clients' needs for advertisement.

Eblast is a good way to build your email database, we usually attach a subscribe link to your announcement. Viewers will be able to recieve your announcements each time you send it through your email. There are several ways to send your emails, the most popular and safest way is to export your contacts into your web hosting account or pay email account, in other words export your conatcts from yahoo, gmail, outlook, hotmail, into a pay email account.

You can still use the free emails to send your announcements however having your website or business name as the suffix (@yourbusiness.com) if more professional and protected.



LOGO STUDIO - We design full logos in various formats for print and online platforms. Secured in our database we can send you your logo if it is lost or damaged.

VISION GRASP - Web development at it's fastest, 1-3 page web design for those who need to be online within a week.

DREAM STARTER - Clients of Renata Consulting, LLC and Black Professional Women.com is offered a 5 paged website design for their businesses. (Web Hosting not included)

EMBED-ED MEDIA - Security for Logos and Brands.

ALPHA ILLUSTARTIONS - provide, design, and management services for websites ... web hosting and domain is free with any Alpha Illustrations packages. Discounts for Non-Profit organizations and those under the Dream Starter plan.

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